Virtuous Women

Virtuous Women


Empowering Women to Find Virtue, Live Fiercely and Passionately to Positively Impact, Mentor, and Transform People In Their Lives and Around The World.

Meet Sofia

My Journey 

Two years ago, after turning 41, I made a choice. I had a choice to start making some changes, or start planning my funeral.
As a mom of three beautiful teens, I didn't have the energy or desire to keep up with them.
I spent a majority of my time sleeping, but never resting.
As a wife and mom I was living mediocrely at best.

After a lot of internal reflection, I bought my first pair of tennis shoes and started walking. After two months and a loss of 15 lbs.

I decided I needed help...
Through providence and FB algorithms, I stumbled onto an ad for a local gym called Omni Strength. 

I didn't have much hope for anything...
I filled out a short form, submitted it and immediately wished I could take it back. I had spent so much money on gyms and different nutrition programs with little to no results, I was sure this was going to be the same. 

A staff member from Omni immediately reached out to me. I dodged him for a while, until he convinced me to make an appointment. The first meeting with the trainer was emotional and overwhelming. The last two years have been the most rewarding and difficult I have ever faced. 

After having given up my original career choice to be a Sahm.
I have found a renewed passion and purpose. 

Not only for myself, but for all those women young and old that are seeking a support system in taking back control over their health. 

I want Empower Women To Find Virtue, Live Fiercely And Passionately To Positively Impact, Mentor, And Transform People In Their Lives And Around The World.

Why I Changed My Life

I made the decision to change my life because I realized that life was passing me by. 

I was tired of sitting around waiting for some kind of miracle. 

I needed to take action and own my part in the fact that I was unhealthy and my dreams were unrealized.  

Does This Sound Like You?


What it means to be a Virtuous Woman

A virtuous woman is a strong woman. 

She is capable and fierce. 

She is what she needs to be in any given moment. 

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